Heath is a graduate of Acting from the University of Western Sydney (Nepean), and of Medicine and Science at Sydney University with majors in both Physiology and Psychology. His medical science and performance backgrounds have gifted him a set of skills perfectly tailored for the corporate training and roleplay environment.

Heath has worked in roleplay based training and in corporate training videos for the Commonwealth Bank, AMES employment, Centrelink, Australian Defence Force, Queensland Department of Health and University of Sydney Medical Faculty, Westfield Shopping Centres, the Salvation Army employment and training, and refuge services, Mission Australia, WISE employment, Mini Australia, Rural Fire Service, Westpac, Nestle and BHP. He has worked as an actor for training companies such as MACA, Radhart, Whitedot, Invisage, Pam McLean Centre and Coup in areas of training as diverse as Conflict Resolution, Human Synergistics Management training, medical roleplay and client services training.

Since graduating Heath has taught drama to both adults and children with New Kids Drama and Point Break Drama. He has taught drama skills as a guest lecturer for Invisage a government organisation for training the long term unemployed. He has toured around Australia with many education shows including Shorter+Sweeter for Touring Australia, Comedy of Error’s and Don’s Party with Theatre Nepean, and for New Theatre’s education team Antony and Cleopatra, the Removalist, Julius Caesar and Desire Under the Elms.

As a professional actor Heath has preformed throughout Australia from Alice Springs to Cairns, Brisbane to Melbourne. In Sydney he has worked at the Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir, Seymour Centre and NIDA playhouse; Melbourne’s Drum Theatre; the Canberra Theatre Centre; and Brisbane’s Powerhouse Theatre to name a few. He has appeared in AFI award winning TV series Double the Fist and Review with Myles Barlow, as well as Aust. Families of Crime, the cult SciFi series Farscape and family drama Tricky Business.

In the corporate sector he is most widely known for his roleplay based training and corporate video work. As a highly skilled character actor Heath is able to bring the correct characterisation to every scenario and the appropriate level of challenge to every roleplay participant in the moment, in order to achieve best learning results.

For further information reviews and testimonials visit the about and contacts pages above. Corporate Bio

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