Phew! What a week

Almost a month really. I’ve been pushing to a big launch for work since I started 6 months ago. It’s a ticketing project that takes a small organisation that outsources it’s immediate CRM needs to an autonomous organisation that calls it’s own shots. I was hired to take the company there six months ago and it’s been a huge learning curve intellectually and emotionally. I feel like I’m running down hill with my legs trying to keep up.

Coupled with that we found out two weeks before launch that the owner was selling our house. Totally crazy.

So we had to move and I had to pull off the biggest job of my career. My anxiety levels were red lining for a week. But the interesting thing was I handled it and on 3hrs sleep a night. I’m actually with this without having slept in 36hrs.

Couple of things were going right. We needed to move. The place was just too small for us and we’d out grown it years ago. This was entirely the wrong time but it was the time we had. The other thing was I was ready. I had my last session with John yesterday and I’m a very different person than I was 18 months ago. Actually I’m the same person but it’s easier to make desicion knowing that I trust my ability to figure it out as I go.

Something that helped was a short seminar (I guess) that I went to at a conference recently. It was about being list in big project management and the advice was, if you feel overwhelmed just start small by putting one foot in front of the other.

That got us through both nightmares.

Brain full

Sometimes my brain gets full at work and I have to go shake it out – aka go off for a 15 minute (coffee) break. Usually 2 breaks a day. Lunch breaks reallmey don’t do it for me. To cluttered and full of people, which feels more like work to me.