Electronic birthday

Met up with amazing director and recurring flatmate Ben Flaxman today to a birthday catch up and chat about the state of interpersonal electronica today. One has these conversations when one gets old re: new fangaldy devices and services bah-humbug! We mused on many a topic including “iPads; the most expensive book I’ve ever owned?” and “Twitter; more than just griping about bowel movements and transient emotional malaise?

I think that Facebook almost solely exists on birthday reminders.  I was wonderfully blessed today with a hundredish salutations and celebratory remarks on the anniversary of my birth, from close colleagues and people I haven’t seen since high school 2000 years ago (and oddly a few who wouldn’t have wished me a fall down the stairs back then let alone happy birthday). And to be honest I reveled in the sentiment in just the way it was directed.

However I think that it’s a sign of the times when one feels that an SMS “happy birthday” is such a wonderfully personal gesture (I got a card a little later in the day and had to lie down and breathe into a bag till the room stopped spinning).

Silliness aside it was a wonderful birthday and I really think that social media is a darned good part of that.  To my mind these social electronica are more than just a life support system for out of date acquaintanceships (as we often decry). I’ve lost count how many times I’ve used it to look up the name of someone I should know, or have been saved by being notified of a breakup before I could blurt out a faux pas in person. I’ve seen friends rally to a heartbroken pal; distant relatives reconnect without the need for painfully embarrassing, intoxicated wedding conversation.

So in short I’d like to say that for all my complaining, jibing and sighing over the ever-changing technologising of our human relationships I’m happy that it exists, especially for a agoraphobic, curmudgeon like myself.

To quote Seinfeld “it’s very important for human beings to feel that they are popular and well liked among a large group of people we don’t care for.”  …And for myself, amongst group of people I treasure and feel blessed to know. Many thanks.

1 is the loneliest number, 100 ROCKS!

To quote Mr Sheldon Cooper “Somebody just hit 100 Twitter followers.”
That is all

the MOViE ON story

Welcome back to heathwilder.com. I felt a little silly not adding something about MOViE ON to the page considering as it took up Xmas for Tristan Kenyon, Drew McCourt, Michael Walker and myself (and many others).

It started as an idea over the years for a TV dramedy (we don’t know what that means either) based in a small indy video store similar to the one we may have worked over the years for a little extra $ (depending on who asks). As anyone who has ever worked retail and customer service can tell you the show started writing itself. Odd customers and over qualified staff at the wrong end of the art form they loved.

"And I will always looove you"

After a particularly rough spot Tristan, Drew and I eventually sat down and came up with a concept for the looming Optus one80 comp.  It was a deadline we new could motivate us – a 3 minute trailer by New Year and one month to do it!!!!!

Video stores are dying for a number of reasons including piracy, the shift in marketplace to downloadable content and a GFC. All things that are boring as hell to read about but tough to live through, especially when you are a struggling artist 30 something artist who is at that particular time in their life when they need to work out if mom was right and they should have stuck with med school. We were all guilty as charged.

The face I made when they told me we didn't make the cut for Optus one80

The characters were a mix of ourselves, our immediate friends and enemies, and a distillation of the bizarre customers we had known throughout the years and wanted to celebrate on film.  Tristan wrote the initial script and he and I worked on subsequent drafts. That lead us to the trailer. We filmed this over a couple weeks like mad men after hours and juggling a schedual that looked mad. Our saving grace was our amazing crew (ie. friends) and especially our good pal and amazing camera genius Michael Walker. Click here to see his other recent stuff.

The cast were off the chart as well.  Often we gave a brief to the guys coming in (also great friends donating their talent and time) that set up the playground we wanted to work in and let them improv their way to success.  Bless you all for running with that. the results are GOLD!

Coupled with Tristans vast talent and experience as a director, editor and DOP we got this trailer together.

However Optus didn’t love it like we did (#sadface) so we were sad for about 5 minutes. NOW Tristan and I are putting together the whole story.  It’ll be all the stuff that was AWESOME but couldn’t make a 3min trailer and tells more of the story of MOViE ON.  With some luck a rich(er than us) network will give us some $ to make more of it and we’ll see how that goes.  Stay tuned for updates on MOViE ON.

I’m going to leave you with a gallery of the amazing cast (and crew as practically everyone doubled in classic Sam Raimi style).

A Divorce

No nothing to call Jerry Springer about. It’s an animated film that I narrated for Beini Huang a while ago. I did some talking and she did everything else. Well not surprisingly it won “Best Film at the Toronto Student Film Festival (2011)” which is definitely something to write home (and blog) about. Check out Beini.com.au for more of her amazing stuff. Really proud to be a part of such a great project.


Welcome to heathwilder.com


I’ve been an actor for more than 20 years, and analysed data for more than 30. I trained at the esteemed University of Western Sydney Nepean in physical theatre and at the University of Sydney where I studied neurophysiology. I’ve also studied a wide range of acting styles and techniques, and have skills raging through voice acting, physical and stand-up comedy and stage fighting making me a versatile actor with an eclectic career.

Sydney based I have lectured and performed around the world. For more info check out the about me page above. For examples of my work have a look through the video and photo pages. For a bio and to get in touch see my contacts page.

The new diggs!

Hi all,  Looks like I might be starting (or restarting) a website and blog.  The idea is to link all the parts of my work life into one big happy website where employers, collaborators and appreciators can view and peruse.  a hair raising experience

Let me know what you think and where you’d like this to go.  It’s 2 days old at the moment so expect more growth soon.

You go Glenn Coco!